Teratec Forum - June 15th 2022

Workshop n°6 - June 15 2022, 2:00 to 6:00 pm

Earth Observation Data Economy, an innovation catalyst

Earth observation data carries a myriad of stories as multiple industry sectors express the need to access these data in order to stimulate innovation and develop their business. With the access and distribution of data, many economic, social and environmental challenges are being addressed.

Thanks to the circulation of data within a secure and trusted environment, stakeholders from the extended ecosystem, such as energy, environment, mobility, agriculture, just to name a few, are leveraging the abundance, diversity and richness of data from isolated sources to create powerful use cases.

This workshop will address the impact of the circulation of earth observation data on the economy through the lense of experts from the space industry, the data economy, technology leaders and innovative companies. These impacts will be illustrated by presentations of Space Data Marketplace and inspiring use cases capitalizing on the power of Earth observation data.

This 3-hour workshop is designed to help participants understand the challenges and opportunities of earth observation data circulation.

Context and success stories

Roundtable - Earth Observation Data Economy, an innovation catalyst

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laurent_boisnard_cnesModerator: Laurent Boisnard, Deputy Director, Earth Observation Data & Applications Mission, CNES

Biography: Within the Directorate for Orbital Systems and Applications of CNES, Laurent Boisnard is at the head of the department in charge of operating Earth observation missions and developing the uses of space data. He has devoted a large part of his career to project management of space systems, in the fields of sciences of the Universe and civil and military optical imaging, before broadening his professional field towards the promotion of the downstream sector.




  • Centre national d'études spatiales

steven-hosford-cnesSteven Hosford, Head of the Earth & Atmosphere Missions Department, CNES




  • Dawex is the leading technology company for data exchange, data marketplace and data hub.

laurent_lafaye-dawexLaurent Lafaye, co-CEO chez Dawex

Biography:  French entrepreneur, co-CEO of Dawex, Laurent Lafaye has a recognized track record in the field of the data economy and regularly speaks to decision-makers about the creation of data ecosystems and the challenges of data circulation, from data trading to developing data hubs.

Founded in 2015 with Fabrice Tocco, Dawex allows organizations to create new ecosystems around data exchange platforms that meet regulatory requirements and address traceability and security challenges. Dawex technology enables all economic stakeholders to valorize the potential of their ecosystem through data exchange. In 2020, Dawex was awarded “Tech Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum and joined the Global Future Council on Data Policy. Dawex is also a Day-1 member of Gaia-X and actively contributes to the projects conducted by the association on data exchanges.


  • Ekitia, a group of public Interest that provides a trusted, ethical and sovereign framework

bertrand_monthubert-ekitiaBertrand Monthubert, President Ekitia (ex-Occitanie Data)

Biography: Bertrand Monthubert is president of Ekitia (formerly Occitanie Data), an association of about 60 public and private stakeholders looking at creating a trustworthy framework for the data economy. He is also president of OPenIG, the regional platform of Occitanie for geographic information, and president of the National Council for Geographic Information, placed under the French government. He is also one of the French representatives in the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, participating in the working group on data governance.



  • Orange Business Services, digital services company focused on cloud and data

alain_bouquet-obsAlain Bouquet, Head of Space & Navigation, Orange Business Services

Biography: Alain is Head of Space & Navigation activities for Orange Business Services. He is working at the crossroads of business and innovation, supporting the digital transformation of the Aerospace industry in Europe since 2012.

Alain joined Orange Group in December 2000 and has held key leadership positions in Networks, IT and Innovation. In 2014, he created a first strategic partnership between Orange, Airbus, Telespazio and Météo France in order to define and develop a big data Earth Observation platform. Previous to his position at Orange, he worked for IT Services companies where he was a software engineer, senior ICT consultant and technical director. Holder of a computer engineering degree at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts / Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse III), with a 14-month thesis in Artificial Intelligence carried out at CERT / ONERA in Toulouse.


Use case in Agriculture 


  • Foster agricultural innovation by simplifying and securing data exchanges.

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thomas_gomez-agdatahubThomas Gomez, Project manager in digital agriculture, at Agdatahub, operator of agricultural data exchange and consent platforms.

Biography: Thomas Gomez is an agronomic engineer specialized in digital technologies. His experience on the field and in managing IT projects in several organizations has allowed him to address a wide range of concrete issues related to the collection and use of data in the agricultural sector. At Agdatahub, he works on agricultural data interoperability issues, at national and European level.


Use case 


    • HEROES: Towards HPC Marketplaces

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Description: This high level presentation of the project will detail how the HEROES Software framework will be utilised to build marketplaces allowing end users of HPC and Machine Learning to access seamlessly the HPC Centres and Cloud Providers they are authorized to. In this process, HEROES decision module will apply policies aiming at selecting the “best platform for the jobs”. On top of costs and time-to-result, HEROES integrates energy metrics to drive eco-responsible policies in the mix. HEROES is an EuroHPC project.

philippe_bricard-ucitPhilippe Bricard, CEO of UCit

Biography: Philippe is the CEO of UCit and the HEROES Project Coordinator. During is engineer career, he worked 25 years for IBM, where he managed multiple technical and business units in HPC, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing supervising a number of acquisitions in this field. In 2015 he created UCit to help clients integrating Cloud and HPC Services in their HPC environments, with a strong vision to build tools for the democratization and productive use of HPC.

Space Data Marketplace and Data Exchange technology

Presentation of Space Data Marketplace



Presentation of the Data Exchange technology


  • Building trust through data ecosystems

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Whether in the sectors of defense, agriculture, energy, transportation, smart cities, research, insurance, logistics, distribution, local territories, telecommunications, just to name a few, these domains need easy access to earth observation data. By harnessing the abundance, diversity and potential of these data, organizations are empowered to transform their business by developing inspiring use cases to drive innovation. Whether in the sectors of defense, agriculture, energy, transportation, smart cities, research, insurance, logistics, distribution, local territories, telecommunications, just to name a few, these domains need easy access to earth observation data. By harnessing the abundance, diversity and potential of these data, organizations are empowered to transform their business by developing inspiring use cases to drive innovation.

To facilitate and accelerate the circulation of these data, organizations need to rely on a trusted and secure environment that provides the technical, contractual, financial and regulatory conditions to ensure that data transactions take place in full confidence.

Data exchange technology enables organizations to build new ecosystems around data exchange platforms that meet regulatory requirements and traceability and security challenges.


frederic_bellaiche-dawexFrédéric Bellaiche, Vice President, Research & Technology, Dawex

Biography: Frédéric Bellaiche is Vice President of Technology and Research at Dawex. He is responsible for the strategic development and integration of most advanced technologies within the Dawex organization and product architecture.

Prior to joining Dawex, Frédéric served for 14 years as Technical Expert for a leading digital services company where he led innovation in the areas of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Blockchain, Security and Quantum Computing. Prior to that, Frédéric also served as CTO and co-founder of a start-up specialized in securing financial flows for 7 years.


Space Data Marketplace Use Cases

Presentation of use cases from each consortium members

  • Thales Alenia Space - Copernicus massive data processing technology stack: integrity, extraction and automatic indexing for thematic applications

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Development of an access and exploitation service for image data of spatial origin, in order to constitute a search engine and facilitate access via keywords and guarantee data integrity via a digital signature

romain_hugues-tasRomain Hugues, Head of Discipline Architecture End2End, and Segment Sol of Observation systems – Expert in Artificial Intelligence for Earth observation.

Biography: Romain Hugues has been working on image processing and spatial data valorization challenges for the last 15 years. Technical manager of R&D projects on spatial data exploitation at IRT St Exupéry between 2017 and 2020.




  • Airbus & Dassault Systèmes - The Virtual Twin at the service of cities and their environment

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Development of 3D simulations based on a concept of a Digital Twin of the Earth, in order to build, in an automated way, a digital 3D view of cities and their environment, and to use it as a support for modeling impacting physical phenomena.

frederic_gille-dassault-systemesFrédéric Gille, Industry Business Consultant Expert & Project Manager, Dassault Systemes

Biography: Engineer in the field of simulation since 1990, first within Aerospace Missiles, then Matra automobile, PSA Peugeot Citroën as manager within the new Automobile concepts, I joined EXA, editor of the PowerFlow software suite, in 2000 as Senior Director, Technical & Business Development. In 2017, EXA joined Dassault Systemes, and I joined the Sales Enablement Simulia team (Brand Simulation) as Technical & Sales Support. In September 2021, I add the Project Manager function of the Joint project with Airbus Defense & Space.


david_golden-airbusDavid Golden, Project Lead, Airbus

Biography: Since September 2020, David Golden has been a project manager at Airbus Defence and Space on satellite imagery access platform topics. David joined the Airbus group in 2011 and held several marketing product manager positions. In 2016 he was responsible for the 3D modeling offer, and in 2017 he was appointed Executive Assistant to the Director of Intelligence activities.




  • Murmuration - Environment at the heart of decision making

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Establishment of an environmental monitoring and follow-up service dedicated to local, regional and national authorities to provide a state of the environment in their area of interest and indicators of evolution and trend



Cathy Sahuc, Executive director, Murmuration





  • namR - Data for mapping urban heat islands and their link with urban morphology and land use

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Mapping of urban heat islands and linking their temperature overheat with urban morphology and land use - particularly artificial surfaces.

renaud_heller-namrRenaud Heller, Lead Alliances and Partnerships, namR

Biography: After 7 years at Renault as a Vehicle Architect, Renaud spent 2 years at a tech company specializing in video stream compression and analysis. Then, he joined the world of consulting in innovation and digital transformation, first at Accenture and then for 7 years at Ecosys. At Ecosys, he specialized in modeling business ecosystems and digital applications to gain sustainable performance.




  • VisioTerra - Health Monitoring of recreational water bodies

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Implementation of an operational service for continuous monitoring and early warning of potentially toxic algae such as cyanobacteria in water bodies.

philippe _gisquet-visioterraPhilippe Gisquet, Associate - Business Development, VisioTerra

Biography: Philippe Gisquet has been an associate partner of Visioterra since its creation in 2004. He is in charge of its development and the set up of R&D projects. He previously worked in several consulting companies in sectors as diverse as aeronautics, space, defense, automotive and energy. His career also allowed him to participate in international projects in Africa, Asia and South America, setting up partnerships with companies in many foreign countries.



  • Altametris - Monitoring vegetation cover and railroad surroundings: how to capitalize on spatial data?

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Monitoring of the vegetation cover and the surroundings of the railroads with a particular focus on changes in land use that could have an impact on the stability of the installations and/or their resistance to climatic hazards.

guilhem_villemin-altametrisGuilhem Villemin, CTO, Altametris

Biography: Guilhem Villemin holds a PhD in engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Marseille, with a strong expertise in computer development and intelligent systems design. He is currently the CTO of Altametris. He is in charge of the strategic management of technological solutions, to propose and develop innovative products, drones, robots, sensors and other processing algorithms to maximize the value chain.



  • Geoflex - The development of a last-mile delivery service

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The development of a last-mile delivery service dedicated to companies in the transport, logistics, e-commerce supply chain and goods delivery sectors, thanks to geolocation augmentation solutions that allow the correction of GNSS measurements.