Space Data Exchange Platform

A secure one-stop-shop to exchange and share space data.

Space Data Marketplace is a trusted and secure environment to facilitate and accelerate space data circulation in order to build strong data partnerships and foster a rich data community.

space-data-marketplace-niceFrom defense, agriculture, energy, transportation, smart cities, science, research, to insurance, logistics, distribution, governments, territories, telecommunications, just to name a few, the space data ecosystem encompasses numerous industries that have the crucial need for a facilitated access to data.

Data exchange technology enables organizations to source, distribute, share, exchange and monetize data to create new innovative products and services, mitigate regulatory and contractual risks, improve teams’ productivity and efficiency, and create new revenue streams. 

Space Data Marketplace offers data providers the opportunity to distribute data benefiting from various business models. Data users gain from a rich portfolio of use cases to promote innovation. Space Data Marketplace addresses the need to democratize access to spatial data, and to secure data exchanges and transactions.

The value creation from space data empowers public and private organizations to revolutionize their business activities, build powerful and insightful use cases to ultimately stimulate the space industry.

Benefiting from the power of Data Exchange

Powered by Dawex Data Exchange technology, Space Data Marketplace is the most advanced environment where organizations from the space ecosystem can exchange, distribute, research and commercialize data to create strong data partnerships and innovative use cases. The technology brings the contractual, financial, technical and regulatory compliance conditions for secure data sharing, bringing traceability, flexibility and control over the circulation of data.

Inspiration comes from peers

Space data carries a myriad of stories as all sectors of activity express the need to access spatial data. Thanks to data exchange technology, the circulation of data is stimulated, inspirational use cases are built to revolutionize the whole space ecosystem.